Profiteroles with escargos de Bourgogne

and young spinach
(escargot de Bourgogne - grape snails from Burgundy).
Served with garlic muslin
and classic sauce "beurre escargot" / 210 gr.
735 r.


Fragrant beef tartar «à la française»

accompanied by a delicate sauce of arugula

and cheese Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP.

Served with lemon jelly and salad «mesclan» / 240 gr.

845 r.

Carpaccio of Atlantic seabass with fragrant herbs

Carpaccio of Atlantic seabass with fragrant herbs
accompanied by a delicate cream of baked eggplants.
Served with a radish-daikon, marinated by our chef,
aromatic garlic butter and fresh radish / 160 gr.
695 r.

Fricassée of shrimp and squid,

accompanied by a spicy chorizo sausage.
Served with pepper and vanilla foam and young shoots of arugula / 170 gr.
945 r.

Duck foie-gras

(foie gras - tender liver of a specially fed duck)
in two variants to choose - an escalope or paté)
accompanied by an apple Granny Smith
in the author's submission of our chef.
Served with a fragrant jelly with notes of Calvados / 220 gr.
2400 r.


Vegetarian salad with seasonal vegetables and refreshing beet sorbet.

Served with author sauce of our chef / 250 gr.

425 r.

Farmer's salad with a chicken and cherry tomatoes

accompanied by crispy Little Gem lettuce, garlic croutons and cheese.

Served with a classic French sauce / 285 gr.

495 r.

Salad «Marseillais»

Shrimp-gambas and pickled artichokes.
Served with crisp lettuce leaves "mesclan"
and spicy honey-mustard sauce / 285 gr.
675 r.

Assorted European gourmet sausages

Served with pearl onions and crispy gherkins / 250 gr.
1485 r.


Soup à la russe

in the author's submission of our chef.
Served with garlic vol-au-vent / 420 gr.
390 r.


Classic Alsatian onion soup in the author's performance of the chef.

Accompanied by a cheese Parmiggiano Reggiano DOCG,
red onion «confit» and egg yolk / 180 gr.

355 r.

Cream- soup from a pumpkin "batternat".


Served with the tenderest mushrooms "florentine"/ 210 gr.
455 r.



Don pike perch fillet

accompanied by a delicate fondue of leeks
and the classic garnish "grenobloise".
Served with potatoes,
prepared in white wine sauce / 260 gr.
885 r.

Atlantic plaice

accompanied by cauliflower muslin and sauce "velouté".
Served with crispy potatoes / 325 gr.
635 r.

Fillet of wild Scandinavian salmon

accompanied by a delicate risotto from bulgur.
Served with cream cheese / 310 gr.
985 r.


Delicate veal cheeks

accompanied by a delicate beetroot "confit".
Served with potatoes muslin
and classic sauce "bordelaise" with notes of pomegranate / 410 gr.
765 r.

Juicy beef tenderloin,

accompanied by a fragrant onion confit.
Served with potatoes stuffed with classic mushroom "persillade"
and a fragrant sauce based on red wine / 370 gr.
1095 r.

Gigot d'agneau

(gigot d’agneau - baked shank of lamb)
accompanied by the author's garnish from the eastern dried fruits,
seasonal vegetables, nuts and dates.
Served with aromatic spicy sauce / 260 gr.
925 r.

The tenderest rolls of quail

stuffed with duck foie-gras and truffle mousse.
Served with corn muslin and steamed seasonal vegetables / 390 gr.
1165 r.


Rack of pork with crispy honey crust

(The classic Alsatian dish for 2 persons,
favorite dish of Jacques Chirac)
Served with seasonal vegetables,
tomatoes "confit" and toasted potatoes / 675 gr.
1950 r.


Delicate cream brulee

with a hint of bourbon vanilla / 180 gr.

375 r.

Apple crumble with cinnamon and walnuts

Served with Breton shortbread
accompanied by caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream / 155 gr.
385 r.

Dessert «A la italien»

in the author's submission of our chef.
Served with forest fruits and crispy meringue / 150 gr.
375 r.


«Paul Bocuse»

Delicate chocolate mousse
with exotic notes of mango accompanied by a delicate biscuit.
Served in glaze of seasonal berries and aromatic peach culi / 170 gr.
395 r

Moelleux au chocolat

accompanied by homemade vanilla ice cream
(Classic French dessert) / 190 gr.
350 r.


«Antoine de Saint-Exupéry»

Exquisite blanc- manger of fresh raspberries
and farmer's cream.
Served in the author's performance of our chef
with a fragrant peach sauce / 170 gr.
395 r.


Chocolate Brownie

accompanied by a delicate banana confit and a gentle orange bavarois.
Served with a refreshing sorbet made of strawberries and banana / 190 gr.
385 r.

Coffee Gourmet

Assorted of 4 french mini desserts.
Served with aromatic coffee / 80 gr. / 130 ml.
345 r.



Assorted european farmer’s cheese

to best accompany wines presented the wine list / 250 gr.

1200 r.


Maсarons, gratinated with Emmental cheese

accompanied by Parma ham and mushrooms / 180 gr.

310 r.

Pieces of chicken with potatoes

accompanied by a delicate cream sauce / 200 gr.

380 r.

Fragrant fried steak

of Brazilian beef with fries / 200 gr.

585 r.

Delicate vanilla ice cream

with delicate chantilly cream / 200 gr.

350 r.

Ice cream or sorbet

with almond tuile / 150 gr.

350 r.



Alcoholic cocktails

Aperol Spritz

(Aperol, Cremant de Bourgogne, sparkling water «Jaline",
slice of juicy orange) / 250 ml
450 r.


Mango Bellini

(puree of aromatic mango, syrup from cane sugar,
Cremant de Bourgogne) / 225 ml
390 r.


Moulin rouge

(puree of fresh raspberries, lychee liquor, cane sugar syrup,
Calvados, Cremant de Bourgogne) / 260 ml
590 r.



(lemon juice, cane sugar syrup, orange liqueur,
Cognac, lemon peel) / 105 ml
590 r.



(Cognac, coffee liqueur, farmer's cream, nutmeg) / 110 ml
590 r.


Juicy homemade lemonades with natural fruit!

Refreshing lemonade "Mojito" with peppermint and lime / 300 ml
275 r.


Tropical lemonade with mango pulp / 300 ml
265 r.


Raspberry-lime lemonade / 300 ml
255 r.


Homemade lime-mint lemonade / 1000 ml
565 r.


Refreshing lemon-basil lemonade / 1000 ml
525 r.

Soft drinks

Juice «Pago» / 200 ml
140 r.


Schweppes Tonic / 250 ml
120 r.


Coca-Cola / 250 ml
120 r.



Fresh juices

Carrot Juice / 250 ml
180 r.


Orange juice / 250 ml
290 r.


Celery juice / 250 ml
380 r.


Apple Juice / 250 ml
290 r.


Grapefruit Juice / 250 ml
300 r.

Soft drinks

Juice «Pago» / 200 ml
140 r.


Schweppes Tonic / 250 ml
120 r.


Coca-Cola / 330 ml
160 r.

Water with gas

Jaline / 330 ml.

220 r.

Water without gas

Jaline / 330 ml.
220 r.



Ristretto / 25 ml.
160 r.


Espresso / 40 ml.
160 r.


Cappuccino / 150 ml.
190 r.


Americano / 150 ml.
160 r.


Latte/ 330 ml.

240 r.

Tea «Sigurd»

A classic black tea from Assam province
with a rich aroma and tart flavor / 450 ml.
355 r.

Royal Earl Grey
North Indian Assam with a subtle bergamot and melissa flavor / 450 ml.
355 r.

Wild Cherry
Sleek black tea and a bright, sweet flavor of wild Japanese cherry / 450 ml.
355 r.

The famous tea from the island of Taiwan, curled into little balls like powder,
has a fresh aroma and taste / 450 ml.
355 r.

Milk oolong
The most popular among oolong. It has a light and delicate flavor with hints of cara-mel and milk.
Rich in antioxidants, whole complex of vitamins and minerals / 450 ml.
355 r.

Jasmine pearl of the dragon
Tea consists of not yet blossomed buds of the tea tree,
twisted in the shape of pearls.
Aromatization is done with fresh flowers of jasmine / 450 ml.
355 r.

Herbal freshness
Easy, fresh, herbal tea with fruit and floral notes.
A unique mixture of chamomile, verbena, mint, orange
and magnolia vine improves stress / 450 ml.
355 r.

Fruit cocktail
Refreshing tea with sweet fruit-citrus, tropical notes of hibiscus, orange,
pineapple, rose, papaya and cherry / 450 ml.
355 r.

Gentle, fresh and light taste with a barely perceptible sourness.
A combination of green Sencha tea with rose petals, cornflower,
sunflower and pineapple / 450 ml.
355 r.

Author's tea

Warming herbal tea
with berries of Siberian sea-buckthorn, fragrant honey and lemon / 450 ml.
355 r.

Tonic author's tea
with ginger and mint / 450 ml.
355 r.

Black Ceylon tea
with berries of cranberries and orange. Served with a cinnamon stick / 450 ml.
355 r.

Aromatic raspberry tea
with strawberries / 450 ml.
355 r.


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