«Literary Salon» in Pinot Noir

The company Mozart Wine House, restaurant Pinot Noir and the magazine “Kto Glavniy” - an edition about the principal persons and topics of Russia, present a unique project “Literary Salon” with hasn’t analogues in the Southern part of Russia in terms of its content and concept. Literary evenings are aimed to gather connoisseurs of beautiful things, intellectuals and hedonists, people feeling subtly fine art in any realization.

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Twice a month Literary Salon invites the most popular russian actors and artists, so the guests of the restaurant Pinot Noir get a great opportunity to pass an evening in informal atmosphere with talented actors of theater and cinema, to taste dishes of haute-cuisine by the chef  of kitchen, to talk and to enjoy beaux arts, author kitchen and high quality wines.

The project “Literary Salon”, the first evening of which took place in September, 2012, proved its absolute cultural validity and demand by the citizens of the Don capital. New season will offer more unforgettable meetings and bright impressions to the participants of the project.



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