French breakfast at Pinot Noir!



Breakfast in French is an exquisite ceremony with a special charm and its own philosophy. This is unhurriedness, harmony, new thoughts and ideas, the opportunity to be alone with yourself or, on the contrary, an occasion to spend time with close people or meet your friends. This is a way to start the day with a positive note, pleasant aromas and unforgettable tastes.

We want make your morning truly good and invite you to immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the breakfast “à la français” in the author’s performance of our brand chef Michel Christmann.

For you - delicious omelettes, tender porridges, delicious "Syrniki" and yogurt and, of course, freshly baked аrench croissants, which are baked by our pastry chefs every morning!

We are waiting for you to visit every day from 9.30 am: Pushkinskaya, street 25, tel. +7 (863) 240-81-38.


  • French kitchen restaurant Pinot Noir
    Rostov-on-Don, 25, Pushkinskaya Street

    We  invite you to taste new french dishes and desserts, and more than 300 wines of over the world!

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