Restaurant of french cuisine Pinot Noir

Restaurant of french cuisine Pinot Noir

Restaurant Pinot Noir invites you to the world of French cuisine and impeccable service!


The hall provides for only forty seats - according to the classic restaurants in France, comfortably located in old houses. Entering the restaurant, you will immediately notice the refined atmosphere: walls lined with rare Belgian brick, a large mirror of the late XVIII century, Renaissance style chandeliers from the famous Italian manufacturer, luxury handmade furniture from Milan, made by special order, which, without a doubt, perfectly complements the interior of the restaurant. In the warm season, guests can sit on the cozy summer terrace, which is equipped with a drip cooling system that maintains not only coolness, but also a comfortable level of humidity. And in gloomy autumn days warm blankets, and a special heating system are waiting for you.


But the most important thing is, of course, the cuisine. All of the restaurant dishes are prepared according to authentic recipes of French cuisine and author's recipes of the Chef of the restaurant Michel Christmann. Michel Christmann is a young, but already famous chef with excellent gastronomic education, and experience of working in famous French Michelin-starred restaurants. And he has also achieved the assignment of Michelin star for the restaurant "Pléiades" (Barbizon, France). The principle that Michelle always follows is the use of only fresh products so that their true taste is perfectly revealed in the dish. It is not only about local products in Rostov - on-don, which the Chef himself buys daily on the market, but also about European products and delicacies, such as foie Gras, frog legs, escargot, oysters. All dishes are prepared with the use of French technology and imagination of the chef. The menu is regularly updated depending on the seasonality of the products.


It should also be noted that in the wine list of the restaurant you can find more than 300 kinds of wine for more than good prices. Enogastronomic combinations are the basic concept of the restaurant. Wine is perfectly selected for each dish by uor sommelier. Combinations give rise to new tastes, impressions of such power that it is impossible to forget!

Welcome to the restaurant, which gives feelings!


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  • French cuisine restaurant Pinot Noir
    Rostov-on-Don, 25, Pushkinskaya Street

    We  invite you to taste new french dishes and desserts, and more than 300 wines of over the world!

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